Unique Chinese New Year Goodies To Try

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The holiday snacking season has arrived once more! Beyond traditional treats, each year sees the introduction of new and exciting flavors, leaving us perplexed as to which Chinese New Year treats to try. Look no further if you’re looking for delicious and unique Chinese New Year goodies to give a try this Chinese New Year. We’ve got a slew of trendy CNY goodies, kuehs, and snacks in unique flavors to get your Lunar New Year off to a good start. We’ve also included traditional favorites because some Chinese New Year classics should not be messed with. These festive and delectable Chinese New Year treats will have you craving all your favorite CNY Goodies!

  1. Nasi Lemak Cookies
Picture Credit: Divine Artisan Cakes

Nasi Lemak, our favorite Malaysian local dish, is now available in cookie form! These Singapore Nasi Lemak cookies are meticulously crafted and baked with authentic ingredients such as ground anchovy, fragrant homemade nasi lemak sambal, and finally topped with a piece of crunchy peanut and ikan bilis. This CNY cookie has a crunchy and light texture but is jam-packed with flavor, and you’ll be craving more of this addictive treat! These CNY cookies are definitely a unique flavor to try if you’re up for something different.

  1. Ondeh Ondeh Cookies 
Picture Credits: Baker’s Brew

You’ll adore this trendy variation if you like your Ondeh Ondeh with caramelized palm sugar and scented grated coconut. These fragrant pandan cookies have a large amount of Gula Melaka coconut filling that has been slow simmered for hours. This results in a sweet taste that is mellow and flavorful, which is enhanced by the crunchy yet moist coconut fillings. This one’s definitely one that’s catered to our local palate, so if you’re a fan of ondeh ondeh, we recommend you try this one!

  1. Siao La – Mala Pineapple Tarts 
Picture Credits: Pineapple Tarts Singapore

For all the mala fans out there, this one’s definitely a unique pineapple tart that definitely stands out from all the CNY Goodies available. It’s full of taste and isn’t excessively salty or oily. It’s an amazingly delicious tart that we could eat in one sitting. Stop for a moment to let the flavor and full spiciness sink in. A spicy treat that blew our mind. It was feisty, numbing and deliciously addictive! Out of so many different variations of pineapple tart flavours now available, this one was for sure the one that stood out the most because of how unique yet savoury it was. A sure hit with your visitors this year, try these mala pineapple tarts if you get the chance!

  1. Cheddar Spiced Gems 
Picture Credit: Baker’s Brew

Giving you some nostalgia with this CNY snack. As kids, these used to be the go-to snack, and fast forward to today,  there’s still plenty that enjoy this sweet snack. It’s a taste of tradition, with a modern twist to it. What you get is an old school biscuit reimagined with a savory cheddar cheese biscuit base, acidic lemon royal icing, and a bit of Cayenne spice for a little kick at the end. These charming pastries were a melange of salty, spicy, and sour flavors, not the sugar rush we were expecting. The tart flavors were brought out the most by using a lot of lemon icing and it was definitely a blast to the past. Not only will adults enjoy this nostalgic treat, but it is also a sure hit among the kids with the sweet flavour and colorful aesthetics. 

  1. Fortune Koi Fish Nian Gao 
Picture Credits: Goodwood Park Hotel

Nian gao, also known as year cake, New Year cake, or Chinese New Year’s cake, is a sticky rice flour-based dessert popular in Chinese cuisine. It’s also simply called “rice cake.” We think of nian gao as a brown lump covered in banana leaves that isn’t really appealing looking. However, this unique take on the traditional snack is a twist on the typical sticky cake. Not only is it replicated in the shape of koi fish to fit the occasion, but also, while typical nian gao is served without filling, this variation includes sweet red bean paste for a more flavorful experience. They’re absolutely almost too pretty to eat, but you definitely won’t regret it once you pop one into your mouth. They look beautiful and are easy to pop in your mouth for a quick CNY snack fix. 

  1. Bite Sized Strawberry and Chocolate Love Letter 
Picture Credits: Janice Wong

Ever had the issue of crumbly and messy pastry after devouring into a tin of love letters? You won’t have that issue with these love letters. A quirky and unique rendition of the classic love letters, these are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are easy to eat and taste good as well. Lightly dipped into chocolate and strawberry filling, these love letters take up the flavor of traditional love letters to another letter. They are definitely super cute for the gram and is for sure one that doesn’t cause your new year clothes to get a little too tight. You won’t feel guilty having too many as they come in convenient bite-sized pieces, so you can nibble daintily without scattering crumbs all over your clothes. 

If you’re looking for something a little different this upcoming Lunar New Year, you should definitely get your fix of pineapple tarts and CNY goodies as soon as possible so you don’t have to beat the crowds and can have them all ready for the celebratory season when it comes around. Happy shopping and we here’s wishing you an amazing year ahead! 

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