5 Things About Pineapple Tarts You Did Not Know About

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Pineapple tarts are such a popular pastry during the festive season of Chinese New year and is enjoyed by many. But how many of us actually do know about the history of it? While we celebrate and enjoy this wonderful pastry, it will be interesting and informative for us to appreciate the hidden facts behind pineapple tarts.

1) Peranakan

Peranakans were the first to give birth to the delightful pastry, pineapple tarts. They were the descendants of the Chinese immigrants who came to the Malay peninsula which include the Dutch Eastern Indies as well as the British Malaya. The Portugese Immigrants were renowned for their tarts and pastries which influenced the Peranakans, and together with the plenty amount of pineapple plantations in the region, this led to the creation of pineapple tarts.

2) Fortune

Have we ever thought of why pineapple tarts are a pastry enjoyed during Chinese New Year? Well, the reason is because in Hokkien, pineapples are called “Ong Lai” which means “fortune come” in direct translation. Thus, it is believed to be auspicious to have them during Chinese New Year and giving them as gifts will mean wishing the other party good fortune and good luck.

3) Nicknames

Besides the term pineapple tarts, there are alternative names for this pastry like Nastar, Tat Nanas, Kueh Tae. These terms are used in Indonesia which are famous during their festive occasions like Natal and Lebaran.

4) Multiracial

Think pineapple tarts are only consumed during Chinese New Year? Well you thought wrong. Pineapple tarts are also often consumed during Deepavali as well as Hari Raya! Although our pineapple tarts are not halal, there are halal versions of them around.

5) Calories

We all know that indulging in pineapple tarts is so so sinful. An average pineapple tart is about 84 calories and 6 of this sinful tarts add up to the same calories as 3 bowls of rice! That takes roughly about half an hour of jogging to burn off! In addition, most pineapple fillings are very sweet which should not be consumed too much. However, the pineapple tarts at Pineapple Tarts Singapore are moderately sweet and is a healthier option. We do not use any preservatives for our products because they are all freshly made and distributed. Therefore, we provide you with the option to snack and indulge yourself less sinfully!

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that you now have 5 fun facts about pineapple tarts to share with your family and friends!

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