pineapple tarts singapore

Embracing the Tradition, Building Bonds

Pineapple Tarts Singapore was established with the goal to deliver not only the best quality but also best-tasting Chinese New Year Goodies, especially Pineapple Tarts, and ensuring affordability. There is a significance and meaning behind every Chinese New Year Goodie, symbolizing prosperity and wealth for example. We strive to embrace this tradition, building bonds and bringing families together through our traditional homemade goodies during Chinese New Year.

Delivering Quality, Ensuring Affordability

While we ensure the affordability of our goodies, we do not compromise on the quality and taste. Only the freshest and most premium ingredients are carefully selected for the making of our goodies. It is our utmost priority and goal to ensure our customers taste the best, as close as how the minute they were brought out of the oven as possible. Therefore, we only freshly bake our goodies as per order.

Innovating with Change

With the ever-changing demands and trends that are going on, we constantly seek to innovate our goodies with limitless possibilities which can better appeal to the public. Some of our innovations include our Cheese and Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts which are a hot favourite to many.

a sneak peak into our making process