A family gathering with all the family members is the central event of the Chinese New Year. Here, the whole family comes together for a special meal. Most of the families enjoy this reunion with traditional dishes along with a festive mood. And, one of the most famous goodie Chinese New Year is Pineapple Tarts. […]

Who doesn’t like the delicious cakes, pastries and all the baked food? Be that a birthday party, any other party, celebration or any seasonal program, the food menu is never complete without cakes or any baked items. But in this era, convenience is the key. With technological advancements, people are less likely to visit countless […]

Besides purchasing your CNY goodies , why not try to make them yourself? This is the recipe of one of CNY’s popular pastries we have for you and definitely easy to make it yourself! Butter Cookie Ingredients 200g Butter 45g icing sugar, sifted 50g plain flour 100g wheat flour (or Top flour) 50g corn flour […]

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