We are in the era of the Salted Egg Yolk fad! It has taken Singapore by storm since 2016, and since then, we have had salted egg croissants, salted egg chips, salted egg fish skin, salted egg sauce, salted instant noodle, and now, unbelievable, even salted egg bubble tea!  In fact, any consumable goods that […]

Besides Chinese New Year Goodies, decorations are also an important must-do for Chinese New Year. We all celebrate a new year because it signifies a success for every person. It’s a time of reflection of what is ahead, and it is usually welcomed with high gratitude to everybody. The Chinese New Year is an annual event […]

Besides purchasing your CNY goodies , why not try to make them yourself? This is the recipe of one of CNY’s popular pastries we have for you and definitely easy to make it yourself! Butter Cookie Ingredients 200g Butter 45g icing sugar, sifted 50g plain flour 100g wheat flour (or Top flour) 50g corn flour […]

Every year while we celebrate CNY, the first thing that comes to our minds will be Ang Baos, mandarin oranges, festive gathering of family and friends and last of all is of course snacking on CNY goodies! We all know that these goodies are so so so good and delicious but have we ever thought […]

Pineapple Tarts Singapore is hiring! Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, just like any other bakeries in Singapore or anywhere around the world, assistance will always be a great need! Written below are the jobs we are offering: 1.) Sales & Marketing Executive One of the job roles of Sales & Marketing Executives will be to […]

Pineapple tarts are such a popular pastry during the festive season of Chinese New year and is enjoyed by many. But how many of us actually do know about the history of it? While we celebrate and enjoy this wonderful pastry, it will be interesting and informative for us to appreciate the hidden facts behind […]

The season of family reunion and receiving “ang baos” is coming! Of course not forgetting the most important aspect, which is to indulge ourselves in mouth-watering CNY goodies! We all remember how our ah mas made pineapple tarts every Chinese New Year which taste so heavenly and delicious. So have you ever thought of what […]

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