Siao LA – Mala Pineapple Tarts 麻辣黄梨塔

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You must be thinking, Mala Pineapple Tarts? Are you serious? Yes you heard us right, and it is the best concoction we have come up with this year!

Imagine enjoying a Mala hotpot or a Mala Xiang Guo in a dessert form. Our Mala Pineapple Tarts boasts a perfect balance between numbing spicy and sweet, making it ultra addictive and satisfying. Come on down for a free tasting to try it out yourself, we guarantee you’ll not regret it!


Free Delivery for orders above $100

  No Preservatives Added

  Fully Homemade and Handmade

 Best consumed within 6 weeks

24 pieces per Bottle

Approximately 600 grams

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