Homemade CNY Cookies

Our CNY Cookies need no mention, you can’t  say you have tasted the best until you have tasted them.

CNY Cookies Singapore
Enjoy the best CNY Cookies in Singapore!

Freshly Baked
Every of our goodies is freshly handmade as per order. We do not keep stock as we take utmost priority in the quality of our products. Be rest assured that the goodies that you receive are no longer than 3 days old! Moreoever, preservatives are a strict no-no to us. While indulging ourselves with these delicious cookies, we have to ensure that our health are not adversely affected too.

Premium Ingredients
Only the highest grade ingredients are finely picked for our products. From the salt all the way to the butter and flour, best quality is an understatement. With premium ingredients naturally comes savory and delicious goodies.

Homemade Goodness
Unlike factories where everything is made using machines, we stick to our roots and operate the traditional way like how we used to ever since we started. Every goodie is handmade by us which brings about a homely and sincere touch that we want you to experience.

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