Top 5 Must-Have CNY Goodies For The Lunar New Year

Every year at this time, we rush to find the greatest Chinese New Year goodies to bring home. We’ve whittled down where we believe are the finest places to acquire some of the most popular snacks if you don’t mind the stress of squeezing through fairs and trying to snag a sample of each item.

The upcoming Lunar New Year season is a time for enjoying CNY goodies with loved ones in addition to getting together with friends and family. Nothing compares to finding and enjoying delicious homemade CNY treats. After all, homemade treats have a more distinctive personal touch, are typically healthier because they lack preservatives, and some are extraordinarily inventive. 

If you’re looking for some ideas and which goodies to add to your CNY goodies selection this year, we have got you covered. We’ve gathered some must-have CNY goodies for the best open house at your place this year! 

  1. Pineapple Tarts

At the top of the list, the holy grail of CNY goodies – Pineapple tarts. One of the most popular Chinese New Year treats is pineapple tarts, which practically every Singaporean household views as a need for the holiday. The pineapple tart, a delicious dessert with Nonya roots, is a standard and the face of each Chinese New Year bakery. Fresh pineapples are grated and carefully cooked over a low flame until caramelized to make these tarts. The chewy pineapple is then either molded to be enclosed within a scalloped-shaped buttery pastry or is placed on top of it.

There are many options for you to pick from, whether you want to buy pineapple tarts for your family, for holiday guests, or just to fill yourself stupid in front of the television. From original melt in your mouth pineapple tarts, to new and interesting innovations like mala pineapple tarts and truffle pineapple tarts.

Everyone seems to like these buttery, crumbly sweet delights, whether they are in the form of balls, rolls, or open-faced tarts. The most common pineapple tarts generally come in two shapes: a ball or an opened top. Those who like more jam should unquestionably choose the ones with the opened tops.

The best pineapple tarts have a buttery, crumbly texture and come with plenty of fresh, mildly sweet pineapple jam. It’s everyone’s utmost go-to for the CNY season and everyone enjoys a good melt in your mouth pineapple tarts. 

  1. Love Letters

Everyone anticipates receiving some enticing love notes from you during your Chinese New Year visits. Egg rolls, or simply “love letters,” are prepared by rapidly heating an egg batter mixture. They are then rolled into funnels, some of which have had special flavors like strawberry and chocolate added to them. 

As their name implies, love letters were once used by young maidens to express their admiration for gentlemen. This creative method helped to cover up the couple’s romantic traces because these love letters were simple to devour. Additionally, the fact that the rolls were eaten indicated that their message had been absorbed both literally and figuratively.

These delicate pastries, also called “Kuih Kapit,” are claimed to have been influenced by the typical Dutch waffles. This cuisine was adopted by the Malay and Peranakan people, who localized the snack by adding components such coconut milk and rice flour.

With such a romantic backstory, love letters, with their crispy crunch and addictive taste, are definitely one of the top CNY goodies to have.

  1. Kueh Bangkit 

The Kueh Bangkit is one of the most popular CNY goodies to date. The name, which means “to rise,” came from how the cookies would rise during baking. Depending on the texture and recipe, ingredients like coconut milk and pandan are combined with flours like arrowroot, tapioca, or sago.

Small biscuits known as kueh bangkit, which are typically found in Indonesia and Malaysia, are manufactured from the Malay sago starch. Depending on the added components, this biscuit can range in color from white to yellowish brown.

Did you know that these mouthwatering treats were originally altar gifts used to revere the ancestors? These tapioca cookies are shaped differently and represent different things. Chrysanthemums, for example, represent luck, and cookies in the shape of goldfish represent prosperity. 

4. Prawn Rolls

Crispy Prawn Rolls are the ideal Chinese New Year snacks to munch on. Prawn rolls are primarily packed with delectable hae bee hiam, or dried shrimp filling, which is then wrapped in a popiah (or spring roll) shell and fried to golden perfection. This is another common and must-have staple in every household, with variable spice degrees to suit different palates.

We think this one’s definitely worth the calories as they’re highly addictive and you just can’t stop at one. 

5. Almond Cookies

Almond cookies should have a slight crunch, yet be slightly melty. These eggless white almond cookies have a crisp texture and a nutty almond scent. its buttery, aromatic profile, with a hint of salt to balance the decadence is the perfect CNY cookie to sink your teeth into.

For those who enjoy the nutty goodness of almonds, these cookies are the best option for you because the almond flavor, although not overwhelming, is still distinctively delicious. 

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