Top 12 Best CNY Goodies in Singapore

Chinese New Year Salted Egg Cookies

To most of us, Chinese New Year is a season where we get busy with visiting or preparing to host family and friends. For younger ones, the red packets and fun may be what they are looking forward to. For the older folks, perhaps the fellowship and catch-up with family and friends who meet once a year.

One thing is for sure, Chinese New Year Goodies are everybody’s favorite and a must-have for this festive season. We all know that feasting these snacks come at a price of additional weight being gained, but if not during CNY which occurs once a year, then when? So let’s YOLO and forget about all the calories and treat yourself well with our list of Top 12 Best CNY Goodies in Singapore!

Pineapple Tarts

Needless to say, pineapple tarts are definitely making it to this list. This is one CNY goodie that you can never miss every Chinese New Year. Besides the savory and addictive goodie a tart is, it symbolizes welcoming of prosperity. You should probably know where to get the best pineapple tarts in Singapore, if not, please click here to find out! 😉 With so many variations introduced like cheese and salted egg pineapple tarts, how can one resist to taste these mind-blowing inventions? If you have not bought your pineapple tarts this CNY, you can purchase from our website today, Mai Tu Liao!


Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa - CNY Goodies Singapore

Second on the list, we have the famous Bak Kwa that we do not miss every CNY. These flavorful, smoky sweet pork jerky are a favorite especially for children. If you are a Bak Kwa fan, you should know that there are two different types of Bak Kwa found locally. One is a sliced version which has a tougher and leaner texture while the other is is minced which is more tender and fatty. There are also spicy Bak Kwa and even vegetarian ones around.

Hae Bee Hiam Prawn Rolls

Prawn Rolls - Pineapple Tarts Singapore

For those who do not know, “Hae Bee Hiam” stands for spicy dried shrimp. These prawn rolls are excessively flavourful and crunchy. If you have tried this snack before, you will know that this insatiable snack is highly addictive and usually accompanies a sore throat if not consumed moderately. As it name suggests, a good Hae Bee Hiam Prawn roll should be spicy and have a crunch in every bite. This may not be present in many factory-made prawn rolls sold commercially. You can try our Crispy Sia – Hae Bee Hiam Prawn Rolls which features a spicy, crunchy and flavourful kick to every bite.


Love Letters

Love Letters - CNY Goodies Singapore

Another popular CNY Goodie is egg rolls, also known as love letters.Traditionally, they were made over charcoal which brings about a charred and smoky flavor. It is uncommon today to still be able to find them made that way. There are many different variations of love letters available like the rolls (image above), triangular-shaped and some even with peanut butter within its crust.

Almond Cookies

Xing Fu - Almond Cookies close-up - Pineapple Tarts Singapore

Like many of the CNY goodies mentioned, almond cookies are a favorite cookie to many. They symbolize coins and wealth, which plays a part in the festive tradition. We personally love how it melts in the mouth, oozing a rich almond flavor and the whole bite experience. Taste our almond cookies to experience it yourself.


Kueh Lapis

Prune Kueh Lapis Banner - Pineapple Tarts Singapore

The thousand layers cake, also known as Kueh Lapis, is not only a CNY Goodie but an Indonesian traditional delight as well. Fluffy and buttery layers of cake provides a soothing mouthful which can be best enjoyed with tea. There are many flavors like original, prune, chocolate and many more. Our very own Kueh Lapis features a lighter touch and a healthier option. Try our signature kueh lapis today!


Kueh Bangkit

Some may not know the name of this goodie, but definitely can tell from its look. The familiar appearance is recognised straightaway as a CNY Goodie. This tapioca cookie has a hard exterior with an airy interior which melts at the touch of the tongue.

Salted Egg Chips

Salted Egg Potato Chips

We can never miss this hot trend that has been going around for awhile. Salted egg may be the most popular ingredient for all the new food inventions today. The unique milky, spicy and savory flavor blends perfectly with crackers and chips. Common chips include potato chips and fish skin.

Arrowhead Chips

Made from the arrowhead plant, also known as “chiku” or “ngaku”, Arrowhead chips are very similar to potato chips with a different and unique taste which many enjoy.

Crab Sticks

Crab Sticks - Chinese New Year Goodies Singapore

Crab sticks are highly addictive snacks which can be finished at one go, especially for the ones we make. The super crispy and peppery texture is a hot favorite and one to die for, try them out today!

Nian Gao

Nian Gao - CNY Goodies Singapore

Although not so popular with the younger generation, Nian Gao is a must-have for every CNY. It is believed to bring good luck to those who consume it and signifies growth.

Yu Sheng

Lo Hei - CNY Goodies Singapore

When it comes to Chinese New Year dinners, this dish is not to be missed. Yu Sheng is known as prosperity toss with various ingredients, each with individual blessings. The process of tossing is called Lou Hei and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the one who tosses the highest.

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