Can you take the HEAT? – Pineapple Tarts Singapore Spicy Challenge


Introducing Pineapple Tarts Singapore’s very own Spicy Challenge – Can you take the HEAT?

What you see in the photo is a volcano encapsulated in a pineapple tart, made specifically for the daredevils and not for the faint-hearted. Do not be fooled by its size as it packs a bombing punch to the throat.

Finish eating 5 of these pineapple tarts in 3 minutes and earn yourself a $50 voucher off your next purchase! If you think you are up for this challenge, find out more below on how to participate!

*Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk, we will not be liable for any consequences arising.

Extremely Spicy

5 pieces per Bottle

Out of stock

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