Porksperity – Crispy Pork Chips

Looking for a snack to munch on this Chinese New Year? You’re in luck because we have just the snack for you!

Thin slices of lean pork marinated in our signature sauce and baked to a golden brown crispy texture, the Porksperity crispy pork chips is an all-time favorite. Unlike Bak Kwa which are drenched in oil, the Porksperity uses no oil at all and a perfect healthier option.

*Disclaimer: Highly addictive snack, consume at your own risk!

  • Single Packet: $12.90
  • Prosperity Bundle of 3 Packets: $30

Free Delivery for orders above $100

  No Preservatives Added

  Fully Homemade and Handmade

 Best consumed within 6 weeks

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Porksperity - Crispy Pork Chips - Single Packet
$16.90 $12.90

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Porksperity - Crispy Pork Chips - Prosperity Bundle of 3 Packs
$45.00 $30.00

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