Top 5 Restaurants for CNY Reunion Dinner

In about a month or so,  we will be celebrating the most awaited festival, the Chinese New Year! It’s an occasion for all families, relatives and friends to reunite. We all have that one group of family or relatives that we only meet once during Chinese New Year and it is indeed a time to treasure. Chinese families all over the world celebrate Chinese New Year by dressing up in vivid colors and visiting each others’ houses. This is a day when all the family members are united, ending the day with a long-awaited dinner. The dinner is often considered the best part as this is the occasion for everyone to catch up on one another’s lives (either are you getting your girlfriend or getting married!). It’s a time of laughter and good food which happens only once every year.

The question is, where you should go for this special meal? There are quite a few options in Singapore for a CNY reunion dinner. In this article, we’ve handpicked some top restaurants for your upcoming Chinese new year dinner.

Jade | The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The first one on our list is the Fullerton Hotel’s Jade Restaurant. Jade has been serving the food enthusiasts for more than 11 years now. For their 12 years at service celebration, they are offering varieties of options.

The restaurant was renovated in 2017 and now equipped with a nice sitting arrangement of 120 people. This includes two private rooms and two partitioned areas, which make your reunion family dinner even more pleasant and comfortable. The decoration is in sync with The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, making the environment posh and luxurious. 

As for the menus, Jade’s wide variety of the menu is surely enough for any food lover. We took one of their Pork based set menu dish and it was delicious! The price seemed quite reasonable compared to the overall environment. Their complete menu is available for download and viewing on their website. They have different set menus and Jade A La Carte menus.

However, for the new year celebration, you might be interested in the special Jade Celebration Dining Menu which costs $1099 per table of 10 people which is definitely worth it. Please remember, you need to pre-order to avail the delicious Celebration Dining Menu.

Yan | Cantonese Restaurant at National Gallery

The experience at Yàn is reminiscent of convivial gatherings and feelings of togetherness ”  

The above quotation, taken from Yan’s website, indicates how dedicated they are to the customers planning for a gathering at their restaurant. This could well be the destination you’re looking for your next CNY reunion dinner. 

Yan is a restaurant managed by the Park Hotel Group who specializes in Cantonese cuisine. So, it’s nothing surprising when their menu is a reflection of the best of Cantonese cuisine. The flavors remind of the traditional Cantonese cooking. As per Yan’s saying, a meal there is not just a dinner but a visual feast! 

Yan has a huge collection of menus to choose from. We decided to try out one of the chef’s signature creations. We took a whole Yàn Peking Roast Duck for $90. It was served with homemade crêpes & traditional garnishes. It was so mouthwatering that we finished the whole meal at a glance and was craving for more!

To celebrate this CNY Yàn offers six set menus, ranging from $98+ to $198+ per person. You can enjoy the special dinner at home, availing the takeaway option offered by Yan. However, Yan’s interior sitting arrangement is quite spacious and gorgeous as well. Located on the fifth floor of the National Gallery, it features contemporary Chinese decor with touches of modern elegance to make your time memorable.

Folklore | Singapore Heritage Food At Destination Hotel 

Singapore has a lot of tales to tell. As for Folklore, they celebrate the tales of Singapore’s heritage through delicious food. This restaurant situated at the Destination hotel follows the new communal dining concept, where all members of a community share space for common use.  However, if you’re interested, they arrange group events & private dining parties as well. For that, you need to let them know your requirements in detail beforehand. 

As for the food, they are rich in both heritage and flavor. Chef, Damian D’Silva’s ethnic-fusion dishes are perfect for sharing. All of the recipes are prepared from scratch using authentic kitchen methods. Folklore’s continuous efforts are to pay tribute to the tastes that have braided over the past years.

They have different A La Carte & private dining lunch menu listed on their website. You can gather info about the new arrivals as well. Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice ($22++), Babi Assam ($22++), Peranakan Chap Chye ($16++), Beef Cheek Rendang ($32++) are some must-try items at Folkore. We were interested on the new arrivals. So, we ordered the item Buah Keluak Sambal Kulhbarra Fish. this is a dish of farm-raised Barramundi fish. As per the name indicates, it was topped with homemade Buah Keluak Sambal. This is a great deal for $32. 

Shang Palace | Shangri-La Hotel

If you’re into quiet and peaceful places and like to get away from the bustling city and crowd to have your Chinese New Year reunion dinner, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore is a fantastic place. Housed within 15 acres of tropical gardens, this hotel has five different restaurants to choose form. 

Among them, the award-winning restaurant Shang Palace grabs a place on our list of top restaurants for CNY reunion dinner quite easily. This is a signature dining destination at Shangri-La hotels. They have different dim sum executive set lunch and set menus to offer. Lunch set includes signature appetizer, Dim Sum, wok-fried prawns, stewed noodle with shredded roasted duck, and fresh fruit platter and costs $138++ for a table of 4. 

You would definitely want to try out one of the specially crafted seven-course and eight-course set menus. These set menus have braised Lobster with Egg Noodles, Braised Bird’s nest and Bamboo Pith in Thick Chicken Broth and many more to offer. Besides, Shang Palace offers a special seven-course vegetarian menu for vegetarian guests.

Chopsuey Cafe | Dempsey Hill

To wrap up this list, we have something unorthodox to feature. Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey Hill is a food heaven where East meets the West! This P.S Cafe owned restaurant is an interpretation of the American-Chinese takeout idea they are certainly not shy about showing the name of their inspiration. 

Their menu is rather “Western inspired”. Items like cocktails, salads, starters, soups are great for starting your meal. Into the main course, different rice, noodles, tofu & vegetables items are available. We’d suggest you to try the Szechuan pepper chilli chicken. Anyone would love the delicious chicken tenders with wok-blackened dried chilli and garlic flowers. If you’re a pork lover you can either try Cooky’s pork chop with chips & edamame or the Bangkok street grilled pork. However, if you’re impressed with the name and want to try something unorthodox, choose from Chopsuey chilli jam prawns, Chop chop crispy seafood egg noodles or Chopsuey Chopsuey.

This could be a perfect destination if you want to go experimental with the special Chinese New Year Dinner. You can make a reservation beforehand to avoid the rush. 

So, this was our list of top 5 restaurants for the CNY reunion dinner. If you are just as excited as us about the Chinese New Year, don’t forget to visit these top restaurants and let us know what you think of them. We wish you a memorable reunion dinner with friends and family.

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